Mexican Fire Agate Rough Lots and Rare Specimens

Our miner amigo has set aside these gems for the serious Lapidarist, experienced with the cutting of limonite layers to reflect the unique shills of fire these agates pocess. You will find some excellent stones here for jewelry making. Experience is recommended for cutting cabochons from these or any other high quality specimens.


Origin: Aguascalientes, México
ID: MXG286
Size: 29mm x 19mm x 9.5mm
Weight: 6.70 grams
Price: $24.00



F I R E   A G A T E   R O U G H   L O T S

These Calvillo lots are "averaged" with different size specimens, so everybody gets large and small fire agate stones in their lots. All stones have fire, most have two or more colors of fire. All lots are handpicked and sorted by our miners, you will not be disappointed, this is the best raw material you will find on a consistant basis on the web.

Experience is a must for cutting and polishing fire agate! We do not recommend the high grade rough to people just starting out with fire agate, you will lose alot of excellent fire layers in a matter of seconds. We do not accept returns for rough because you couldn't get any good pieces out of the lot you purchased. All lots valued at least double your investment, if not quadruple it or more.

fire agate rough lots for sale

We Are Currently Out of Rough Material Please Check Back For New and Exciting Fire Agate Finds!


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